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Harambee disrupts South African BPO using impact sourcing

14th February 2019

Industry watchers agree that few offshore locations around the world have done as much to promote their contact center outsourcing bona fides as South Africa over the past year or so.
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Will AI be put to work for humankind – or will it be the other way around?

5th February 2019

Google's TensorFlow has been used for promising projects, including with Harambee. The system makes it easier for us to manage the career pathway of a young person or match them to an appropriate work opportunity.
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Changing the System in 2019!

24th January 2019

As the new year begins, we continue on our journey to scale-up and address the urgent crisis of youth unemployment.
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Partnership to equip 5,000 youth with digital skills

24th January 2019

The Digital Skills Partnership is a strategic collaboration between key stakeholders in the digital industry committed to transforming the sector by redesigning the traditionally onerous employment pathways into jobs for unemployed youth.
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10 Steps to get Young People Working

28th October 2018

A two-day summit focused on youth and unemployment which was attended by more than 100 organisations from the private and public sector has come up with ten steps to put young people to work.
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We Need to Give Youth a Better Deal in Terms of Jobs

22nd October 2018

Youth employment and job creation go hand in hand, says President Cyril Ramphosa in a special message delivered on his behalf at the Accelerating Inclusive Youth Employment conference.
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Harambee is Developing an Alternative ‘Pathwaying Platform’

10th August 2018

Maryana Iskander, Chief Executive of Harambee, spoke at the Skoll World Forum about how Harambee is developing a tech platform to help excluded young people find jobs.
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Google Highlights our use of Big Data to Solve Youth Unemployment

27th July 2018

Harambee has collected data from more than 1.4 million unemployed youth through digital applications as well as on the phone and in person to build its ‘employability map’
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Three Learnings for Harambee’s Lean Impact Pilot

25th July 2018

Our own experiences have shown the power of iteration and how overcoming the fear to iterate can result in unexpected, better solutions.
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Global Recognition for Harambee Contact Centre

1st May 2018

Harambee has received the Genesys CX Game Changer Award, recognising the scale and capability of a pathwaying platform which guides unemployed youth on their journey to a first job.