Global Centre for Youth Employment Ideathon award

1st Jun 2017

From an open competition that saw 200 online submissions from 25 countries, 16 innovative ideas were selected by a panel of GCYE members and invited to “pitch” at the Ideathon. After a round of voting from event participants, 5 ideas, including Harambee’s model to aggregate information across South Africa’s labor market to more efficiently match youth to the labor market, were selected to receive “seed” funding and to work in partnership with RTI and Center members to support, test and evaluate ideas.

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Partnering with KFC to overcome barriers to youth unemployment

1st Sep 2016

To design a bespoke KFC work-readiness bridging curriculum, a team of our people spent time in the company diagnosing what was required of supervisors.


The art of recruitment for small businesses

9th Oct 2017

Alexandra Hadfield, Harambee SME Sector Lead, writes about the recruitment challenges that small businesses face and how A2Pay worked with Harambee to overcome theirs.

Accelerating English through binge watching

5th Apr 2019

"We tried a few different things, one of them was to include a “debate” on which character in Friends would make the best parent"