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Harambee Candidates: The Story of Sindi Tutuka
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“Being independent is such a great thing.” – Simoni
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Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator is a NPO that connects employers looking for entry-level staff to young, high-potential South Africans who can’t find work. Started in 2011, Harambee has placed over 30,000 young people with more than 300 of South Africa’s top employers nationally. The organisation has offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town,...

Cape Town Harambee Ambassadors

“We were straight from matric, so we didn’t even know what’s happening in the workplace,” Bongani says of the time before he came to Harambee. Today he has a job: “I’m independent and responsible. Now, I’m a real man.” We speak to graduate Harambees during a visit to the Johannesburg office.

The first cohort of Cape Town prospects arrived in winter 2012. They were young people who had previously struggled to find meaningful employment. Eight hundred and eighty-eight applicants wrote tests for numeracy, literacy and occupational suitability. Fifty prospects were selected.

Sindi Tutuka lives in the impoverished community of Delft on the Cape Flats. After months of unemployment she felt she would be dependent on someone else for the rest of her life. But thanks to Harambee, she is now a valued service consultant at a Discovery Health call centre.