How to hire the best person, not the first person…

Alliance Partner


Are you concerned that the hiring and people management skills of your inexperienced team leaders, junior supervisors and front-line managers do not result in optimal hiring decisions and in fact can often result in early attrition? This is heightened in the case of inclusive hiring, where the candidate may not bring any “traditional” work experience and limited exposure to the formal economy.

With nearly five years of experience in the market supporting over 200 employers, Harambee’s journey can confirm two things for you. First, the successful hiring and retention of entry-level staff hinges on hiring the best person for the job, not the first person through the door. Second, team leaders, junior supervisors, and front-line managers with strong people management skills are essential for high performing teams. Building their expertise and techniques to identify the best person for the job is therefore key to achieving a successful and productive hiring outcome.

Over the past two years Harambee has offered a Mock Interview Programme on Saturdays to provide our candidates with an opportunity to practice before their first job interview. These sessions are led by Harambee’s experienced team of human capital experts and provide interactive sessions with a blend of iterative coaching; all attendees are given the chance to practice their interview technique with Harambee candidates preparing for their first job. This training also incorporates Harambee’s learnings about effective hiring practices and much-needed advocacy to ensure barriers are removed for first-timers trying to enter the world or work. 

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