Category: SME

The Kasinomic Entreprevolution

24th Jun 2019

Can entrepreneurship provide the answer to unemployment in South Africa?

Helping young people engage with opportunities outside of the formal sector

15th May 2019

At 54%, South Africa has the highest youth unemployment rate in the world.


Think you’re too small to become a top employer? Think again!

14th Mar 2019

Becoming an employer of choice is not only for large companies and corporations, nor is it as unattainable as you might think!


Successfully bringing entry-level staff into an SME

15th Mar 2018

It’s time now to invite SMEs to step up to the challenge of improving their employment practices. Doing so doesn’t require an HR department, it requires time, planning and consideration.


The art of recruitment for small businesses

9th Oct 2017

Alexandra Hadfield, Harambee SME Sector Lead, writes about the recruitment challenges that small businesses face and how A2Pay worked with Harambee to overcome theirs.